Ministry of Economic Affairs revises laundry stereotyped contract

Implemented on January 1st Announced by Unit 3 of the Department of Commerce Announcement Date 2014/12/31   

It is not uncommon for a laundromat to receive a high amount of laundry fees in advance and then run away. Therefore, the Ministry of Economy’s Department of Commerce revises the laundry stereotyped contract to record and must not record items. It is clear that if the pre-received laundry fee exceeds 1,000 yuan, a bank, etc. The performance guarantee shall be implemented from January 1, 104.   

In addition, in order to avoid the enterprise member adopting a high membership fee to evade the performance guarantee, the name of the pre-collected laundry fee is changed to "membership fee", so the upper limit of the "membership fee" is clearly set at 200 yuan, and consumers should be clearly informed of the membership right.   

According to the seventh point of the revised "Laundry Forming Contracts Should Be Recorded and Do Not Record", the performance guarantee methods for pre-collected laundry fees exceeding a certain amount include "provide full performance guarantees by financial institutions" and "deposit the enterprise operator in the financial Special trust account opened by the organization", "Corporate business (at the same level of the same industry, with a market share of at least 5% or more) mutual joint guarantee", "Joint joint guarantee agreement for the amount of advance laundry received by the Laundry Association", "Other Five types of performance guarantee methods approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and approved by the Executive Yuan.   

The enterprise operator shall post a sample of its finalized contract at an obvious place in the business place to protect the rights and interests of consumers. The newly revised "Laundry contract should be recorded and must not be recorded", please refer to the website of the Consumer Protection Department of the Executive Yuan (Home Policy and Laws and Regulations and Finalized Contract The finalized contract should be recorded and must not be recorded). Press spokesperson: Deputy Director Chen Shun Tel: 23212200 ext. 323 Mobile phone: 0939945897 Email: Business contact: Mr. Chen Weida Contact phone: 23212200 ext. 348 Mobile phone: 0921790442 Email address: Relevant website related attachment related pictures