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. Hexin established

1979: HeSin Chemical founded.

2007: HongGeng Corporation founded.

1979: Professional detergents brand TaiBao created, products including concentrated laundry cleanser, concentrated washing powder and concentrated enzyme detergent.

1981-1990: Additional brand MiaoYong created, products including wet and dry degreaser, neutral enzyme laundry powder, neutral crystal white gel, fabric softener, cold-water detergent, kitchen cleaner and dry cleaning additives.

1991-2010: Brand XiaoSuLin created, products including eco water-based dry cleaning detergent, collar cleaner, eco power stain remover, F2-dry oil soap, F2-wet oil soap.

2013: Brand EVERPURE created, products including citrus enzyme all-purpose cleaning powder, citrus enzyme laundry gel, oxy-boost antibacterial color bleach and protease collar cleaner.
All of the above products are SGS certified, aligned with EU Directive e2003/53/EC and CNS2477 certified.

. About Hexin

Hong Geng Industrial Co., Ltd. (Hexin Technology Co., Ltd.)

HongGeng Top Sellers:

1. EVERPURE all-purpose enzyme cleaning powder (citrus scent)

2. EVERPURE neutral laundry gel

3. EVERPURE Home-made natural antibacterial dishwashing gel (citrus scent)

4. EVERPURE Natural citrus shower gel

5. EVERPURE antibacterial fabric softener

6. EVERPURE oxy-boost enzyme stain remover

7. EVERPURE antibacterial hand sanitizer

“Professional manufacturing, active innovation and integrity” are the primary business philosophy of HeSin Chemical Co., Ltd.

HeSin was founded in 1979. With the leadership of ZhongBin Liu, the company holds the philosophy of “professionalism, innovation and integrity” to serve the consumer. We are committed to create safe detergents for the environment.

HeSin operates its business with the philosophy and produces specialized laundry products. We constantly develop easily-rinse detergents to lower the cost of laundries and OEM related products. Using state of the art technology to research and develop natural, eco, antibacterial cleaners to preserve water resources. We are also devoted to offering power-saving and water-saving domestic detergents to laundry industry.

With the love and support from our customers, HeSin established the subsidiary HongGeng in 1999, acting for automatic wet/ dry cleaning machines, ironing equipment, laundry plant schemes and maintenance. We further developed water-based dry cleaning detergent with foreign partnership, the product is integrated with natural extracts of plants, hence a natural biochemical detergent.

In view of domestic solvent cleaners generally contain carcinogenic, toxic and sensitizing substances which pose danger to human health and pollute our living environment, rivers and water quality severely. As a result, we began to develop all-purpose natural eco cleaners. Putting nature and environment protection as the priorities to achieve non-toxic, OBA-free, non-bleach, non-petrochemical surfactants trustful detergents which are harmless to human body and pollution-free to the environment.

HongGeng Corporation has an R&D team with abundant experiences. Out engineers of manufacturing department possess decades of expertise in domestic/ industrial cleaners, providing stable qualities of products. William Liu, the development manager of HeSin has strict adherence to the products. All products are inspected and supervised in person by Liu which emphasizes his enthusiasm for quality and service. Our business goal is to become a “clean and neat detergent company” that consumers feel safe to use. The company implements the belief of serving and benefiting the public, putting best effort in product development and production, and interact with the consumers to advance laundry service quality.

HongGeng has been devoted to the development of eco detergents and currently extending researches on more environmental-friendly and human-centered products. We will focus more on eco operation of our each product development to meet diverse needs of the market. We will continue develop individual/ domestic daily necessities which are safe for the environment and provide the quality life of the customers the most comprehensive service.


HeSin Three Persistence: Natural, Eco-friendly, Antibacterial
We provide the real natural and safe cleaners, so you may take care the health of your family.

With the rising eco-trend in Taiwan, the whole team of HeSin works jointly with the society on environment protection as well. To shoulder the responsibilities of the environment for our descendants, HeSin launched a series of natural products under the brand EVERPURE.

The series of EVERPURE natural products are specialized detergents for households. All EVERPURE products are align with EU regulations and CNS2477/ SGS certified.

EVERPURE brings you oxy-boost, antibacterial, mould proof, foam-less, OBA-free, clean, brightening and softening effects all at once!